Its Bitsy Bread and More

imgresCulinary one; the open door to everything that is delicious and heavenly. This week culinary one has been focusing on what makes the kitchen, the kitchen; the organization of it all; tools and their beautiful cupboard homes. It is such an important part of the kitchen is understanding where everything goes, the quicker you find it the quicker you eat right? “Who doesn’t love eating?” said no one ever.

With the learning process of pin the tail on the tools, Culinary one made a mini version of monkey, pull apart bread called “Bitsy Bread.” A recipe so simple and so yummy it starts off, as always, preheating the oven. Then the students are required to locate a few tools, a 1/3 measuring cup, a muffin tin and a table/teaspoon set. Next they line the muffin tin with muffin papers to make everything portable, on-the-go eats. Separating some yummy biscuits they roll thing mini cinnamon delights in cinnamon and sugar before popping them into the muffin tin and baking for 8 to 10 minuets and enjoy this delectable pull apart bread with now knowing where everything is.

–Mariah H

Designer Sandwiches

The “Delicious Mara Invention” features homemade chipotle mayonnaise.
"Always Sunny in Philadelphia" sandwich
“Always Sunny in Philadelphia” sandwich
The “Saucy Sandwich!”
Taking a bite of “the American Dream.”
The “Turkey Delights.”
Ta’kiyha grills her designer sandwich.
“Would you like to try the “Fuego?” asks Alberto M.

Today in culinary II  and culinary III we got the opportunity to create our own sandwiches. we got to choose from a variety of meats, vegetables, cheeses, and spreads. Some of the sandwich names were “Delicious Mara Creation”, “Meat Lover Monster”, and “Sofia’s Delicious Sandwich”. The “Delicious Mara Creation” is ham and salami with bacon bites a hit of zesty banana peppers along with red and green peppers. Topped with butter and home-made chipotle mayo on delicious fresh sour dough bread.

-Mara M.

Know Your Tools!

img_6742Students in Culinary I have been learning the names and functions of 50 different kitchen tools. To help them, Culinary II-III students have been organizing the equipment in drawers and cupboards so they’re easy to find. The Culinary I students follow a list to locate everything from measuring spoons to sauce pans and pastry blenders to muffin tins. There’s a lot to remember!

–Tiara M


img_6737 img_6738Students in Culinary II and III at Chap have been compiling “Smashbooks.” Smashbooks are interactive notebooks that give students the chance to create their own text books. They have taped or glued in reference pages with measurements and cooking terms, as well as a table of contents and recipe contents pages. Instead of writing down notes, they can doodle the notes. It’ll help the student be organized and are able to go remake recipes at home. Since it’s called “Smashbooks” everything is all smashed together and that’s the fun of it! Students are able to be creative and it brings out their hidden artistic side.

One student Catherine says, ‘It’s creative and brings out my imagination.” Another student Krizale says “It’s very helpful, it’s like a little cheat sheet.”

— Christina A.


Service to Remember 9/11


Culinary II-III students at Chaparral thanked selected teachers and administrators for serving them by delivering cellophane bags of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. September 11 is “Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance.” Students honored the day with this small service project. They included a card with a quote from President Obama “…. With hearts of those we lost held faithfully in our memoires, we reaffirm the unwavering optimism and everlasting strength that brought us together in our darkest hour and we resolve to give of ourselves in service to others in that same spirit.”

–Mrs. Bybee