Its Bitsy Bread and More

imgresCulinary one; the open door to everything that is delicious and heavenly. This week culinary one has been focusing on what makes the kitchen, the kitchen; the organization of it all; tools and their beautiful cupboard homes. It is such an important part of the kitchen is understanding where everything goes, the quicker you find it the quicker you eat right? “Who doesn’t love eating?” said no one ever.

With the learning process of pin the tail on the tools, Culinary one made a mini version of monkey, pull apart bread called “Bitsy Bread.” A recipe so simple and so yummy it starts off, as always, preheating the oven. Then the students are required to locate a few tools, a 1/3 measuring cup, a muffin tin and a table/teaspoon set. Next they line the muffin tin with muffin papers to make everything portable, on-the-go eats. Separating some yummy biscuits they roll thing mini cinnamon delights in cinnamon and sugar before popping them into the muffin tin and baking for 8 to 10 minuets and enjoy this delectable pull apart bread with now knowing where everything is.

–Mariah H

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