Culinary Arts 1 Makes Mini Pizzas

Culinary Arts 1 is learning to read recipes. They spent a week learning how to follow instruction, so when they got the recipes they would know how to make it. Culinary Arts 1 made mini pizzas using biscuit dough. They had a fun time following and making the recipe. When everything finished, and their mini pizzas were cool and ready, the students began eating what they worked for.

— Josue G.


Life at the Bistro!

Your October host Dylan C!
Servers are ready for the crowd.
Our very own restaurant inside Chaparral H.S.
Garlic Parmesan Bread right out of the oven.
Chaparral Fall Sheet Cake ready to serve!
Chaparral Fall Sheet Cake ready to serve!

On October 11, Culinary II-lll students worked hard in the Bistro. They served lunch to students who were selected by teachers for student of the month. Dylan Canfield was our first host for the year! Leticia Contreras, Stephanie Keller, and Josue Garcia served our fellow guests. Mariah Harman was our lead organizer at setting up our bistro. This month we served House Salad, Lasagna, Garlic Parmesan Bread, and our new Chaparral Sheet Cake! We hope our students and administrators enjoyed October’s student of the month luncheon at our Bistro!

-Stephanie K…

Stuffed French Toast

Delicious French Toast stuffed with cream cheese and pecans was plated by David V.
Delicious French Toast stuffed with cream cheese and pecans was plated by David V.

The students in culinary 3 have opened their minds to a new recipe, ” The Stuffed French Toast. ” To Make the french toast we started off by reading our recipe . The first step of making the french toast is to get the ingredients which are eggs , cream cheese , slice white bread , oil , vanilla , pecan , butter milk and butter . We also got to choose our  toppings for our French Toast . We mix all the ingredients together , started by putting the bread in the bowl full of eggs, milk , vanilla and butter. Then, we mix the pecan and cream cheese for our fillings and spread it onto the bread . Next , we put oil in the electric skillet let it get hot very fast , we put the stuffed french toast in the skillet 5 mins on each side in till it was golden brown. The french toast ended of with a pretty design of our choice . Finally it was ready to eat . 

-Krizale Y. And Chris R.